How to exclude VAT from my purchase as a EU company?

Q: I have entered my Dutch VAT Number, but the total stays the same

A: If your company is located in The Netherlands, then we'll have to collect VAT from you at the checkout, even if you provide your VAT number. We cannot apply the reverse charge as our company is also established in The Netherlands (KvK: 70938105).

VAT should not be charged for companies purchasing from other companies inside the  EU. This rule will be applied to your purchase on WPZOOM if you own a professional business located inside the EU

On the WPZOOM checkout page, you can enter your European VAT ID in a specific field of the purchase order form. When you submit your VAT number, it will be remotely checked and validated with the official European VAT numbers database.

At the bottom of the checkout page, you'll find a place to enter your VAT number.

Once entered and validated, you should see the following message:

I can't validate my VAT number!

If you've entered an incorrect VAT number, you'll see the following error:

How to fix this?

1. Check if your VAT number is correct, and make sure it includes the first 2 letters of your Country Code.

3. Validate your details on this website, and then fill in the correct details.

If it still doesn't work:

1. Click on the Reset button.

2. Try to place the purchase using a different browser

3. Contact us!

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